At many Parade of Home events across the country, most of the model homes featured exterior natural stone. Natural Stone is an architectural element that adds beauty and value to the exterior of a home. Check out these five exterior home design ideas showing you how a home’s exterior can be transformed with natural stone.


A facade is the home’s front exterior that faces the street. It’s the part of the home that gives it curb appeal. Natural stone provides a decorative element and architectural interest to homes that primarily use siding.


Natural stone trims can make a major impact on the look and style of a home. Even minimal trims, such as stone added to a post, provide architectural interest.


Natural Stone can be used for chimneys. They come in a variety of designs and colors.

Interesting Home Exterior Design Ideas Using Natural StoneOutdoor Fireplaces

A growing trend in Omaha is the addition of an outdoor fireplace for both cooking and gathering. Outdoor fireplaces can be either wood or gas fueled and natural stones provide a finishing touch.

Other Exterior Applications

Natural can be used for walls, seating areas and outdoor kitchens.

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