Right Contractor For Your Next Project

Selecting a contractor for your next home project is actually a very important decision. Your home is your biggest investment that you will make in your lifetime, take care of your investment. When it comes to getting work done around your home,  it’s important that you hire a reputable and trustworthy contractor – one that is professional, knowledgeable and considerate.

They value owner satisfaction, as well as, what will lead to dissatisfaction down the road.  He/She will take pride in their work and will have no problem discussing your options, previous experience, and a list of satisfied customers.

Above all, choose one in which you feel comfortable with and is willing to walk you through the whole process without hesitation.

Here Are A Few Tips To Selecting The Right Contractor For Your Next Project

Integrity and a good working relationship

Don’t depend on an airtight contract for a problem-free project. Your contractor should be someone with a good track record of integrity and who is able to maintain a close, solid relationship with the client through the proposal, planning and construction stages. Trust is important!


Typically, contractor workmanship warranties are for one year or more. Longer warranties are not more valuable than shorter warranties. The professional contractor often performs well beyond the written warranty period because he knows that this is what builds customer loyalty and referrals.

Get References

Request and speak to as many references as possible provided by the installers you are considering. Learn what kind of work the installer did for them and how long ago the work was completed. Ask the references if there were any issues, big or small, before, during, or after installation and how the installer worked with them to resolve them. Be wary of references that are dated or none of the references noted any kind of issues with the process and don’t be afraid to ask for more references.


A contractor should provide you with a Certificate of Insurance for Comprehensive Liability and Worker’s Compensation. Be very wary of the low-bid. Insurance to protect the workers and your property is a significant cost of a construction project. The contractor working without insurance, generally has no assets and nothing to lose, so you as the Owner, are totally exposed to any losses.

Payment Process

Find out what process they use for paying their subcontractors and vendors. How do they ensure the project owner that payments are being made and protect the owner from potential liens on the property? Ask around, as a contractor who habitually pays its vendors late will have that reputation.


Ask how well the contractor does in getting projects completed on time. Remember the old saying, “Time is money.” Also make sure they are available at the time you are needing to start the project.

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