Natural stone siding care is minimal as it is virtually maintenance free, but you’ll still want to adopt a few practices to keep your stone siding looking great. It essentially comes down to two easy steps. Inspection and cleaning.

Regularly inspect your siding

A few times a year, inspect your siding to look for signs of damaged stones. Though natural stone is very rugged and durable, it can be damaged by impact or loosened by intense vibrations. If you find any cracks, apply a small amount of mortar into the crack that has formed around your stone. While wearing a latex glove, smooth the mortar with a damp finger to work it into the cracks and create a smooth, finished surface. Allow the repairs to dry overnight and inspect, reapplying if drying has opened the gap again. If cracks continue to be a problem, consult a professional.

Gently clean your natural stone

For natural stone cleaning, simply fill a bucket with warm water and add a little vinegar or dish soap to create a mild cleaning solution. Scrub the stones with a sponge or a soft bristle brush that has been moistened with your cleaning solution to remove any stubborn dirt. Finally, rinse your natural stone thoroughly with water to ensure no soapy residue remains.

We hope that this article on natural stone siding care helps you keep your stone looking fabulous for many years.

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