This natural stone product FAQ Guide has been prepared with you in mind – an attempt to answer your most common questions that you have about natural stone. We do not pretend to answer all the questions you may have or resolve all the doubts, but it does aim to address a large number of the questions that you have been asking our industry people over the years.

Hopefully you will be encouraged to explore the fascinating world of Natural Stone, become as passionate about natural stone as we are and use natural stone in implementing your ideas.

Natural Stone Product FAQ

Process of Natural Selection

We began looking all over the country for the most prime combination of colors, quality, and sustainability in natural stone products that we could find. Navigated almost impassable roads up mountains, forging creeks and rivers to seek out the finest our earth has to offer. We were soon reminded of a valuable lesson that when you seek, you will find and as a result we came back with outstanding natural stone profiles.

Where does Natural Stone come from?

All of our natural stones come from North America. Depending on the type of stone, it is found within the earth, mountains, low lying areas such as plains, or former sea beds where the collection of sediment has occurred.

How Long Will My Natural Stone Last?

Take care of your Natural Stone and it will last for generations. Some Natural Stones are already over 2500 million years old when quarried from the earth.

Is it really Natural?

Yes, it doesn’t ever fade and always looks beautiful.

Is limestone or sandstone better?

They are both great choices! It depends on the color you are looking for. The best way to choose the style and color of stone is to visit our showrooms. We will help you narrow down your selection of style and color of your home.

How thick are the stones?

Natural stone veneer is approx. 2” thick.

Can you use dry stack (jointless) stone on the exterior of homes?

Dry stacking in our climate is not recommended due to the freeze and thaw cycles. We recommend using a grouted application for exteriors.

Is Natural Stone a Good Choice for Home Use?

Yes. Natural stone is material you may use in all areas of your home. Knowing the different types of stone, their finishes and applications will help you to make an informed decision on which stone is the best for your project you may.

Who Is Table Rock?

Table Rock Stone Company was born out of a desire to meet the demands of a discerning eye in today’s stone marketplace. Our customers have come to expect luxurious appeal and timeless quality while being fully sustainable and environmentally responsible. We have a passion for our product and it shows in our attention to detail.

How did it all start for Table Rock?

When our customers began requesting a natural thin veneer stone, we became determined to provide a product that fulfilled exactly what they were looking for. Unfortunately, it was difficult to find something that was unique and would set us apart. Most of the products already available looked similar and lacked the sophistication our customers were hoping to attain. However, that didn’t stop us. We were confident that we not only would find something better, but that “the best was yet to come.”

At Table Rock Stone Company you can find a wide variety of options to meet your unique style and fulfill whatever design challenges you might be faced with. We continue to scour the planet for the best raw stone material in existence and create new collections that you won’t find anywhere else. Our expert customer care will make sure that you enjoy your experience and that you’re impressed with your final results. In fact, you’ll be able to see it because
it’s “written in stone.” Contact us today!