Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops

Working with natural stone kitchen countertops for many years, we’ve become intimately familiar with it –how to care for it, protect it, and resolve problems when they occur.

Tips For Maintaining Natural Stone Kitchen Countertops:

The most common erroneous recommendation you hear about maintaining natural stone kitchen countertops is using a solution of plain water with mild dish soap for cleaning their surface. Using a glass cleaner is the next faulty recommendation. Glass cleaners are harsh on the stone and the sealer of your kitchen countertops.

Treat Stains As Soon as Possible

Water and dish soap solution leaves an unsightly as well as an unsanitary film that only builds up and becomes progressively difficult to remove. Check how long it takes and how much water you need to rinse off the soap from your hands whenever you wash them with dish soap. So to achieve the same effect, you’ll need to use generous quantity of water to get rid of the dish soap from your countertop if you wash it using a solution of plain water and dish soap.

Never use generic household cleaners available in the supermarket on your kitchen countertop. Instead, use specialty cleaners formulated for dealing with the delicate chemistry of natural stone. Clean your kitchen countertop every day with a stone safe cleaner. Use full strength near cooking and eating areas. Dilute 1:1 with plain water for use in areas situated away from these places. Never let any spills stay for too long on the countertop surface. Blot these spills up as swiftly as possible.

Avoid Damage

Avoid using a green or brown scouring pad for treating dried on spills. The silicon carbide grits in these pads will scratch most natural stone countertop surfaces. Plastic scouring pads and sponges lined with silvery nets are safe to use on stone countertop surface. Spray the cleaner on the countertop surface and let it remain for a while (few minutes) before scrubbing. Your job becomes easier when you permit the cleaning agent to do the work.

Clean Only with Proper Stone-Safe Products

A stone polish does a terrific job. It brightens your polished countertop and gives it extra shine. But ensure that the active ingredients are categorized as “food-grade.” Stick to the label instructions.