Natural Stone Fireplace Inspiration in Omaha & Lincoln, Nebraska

Are you having problems coming up with design ideas to make your fireplace stand out? Choosing a natural stone setting is a step in the right direction. We gathered some inspiration that can help you bring an elegant warmth into your home.  Natural stone can easily transform any common home fireplace into one that becomes a focal point and is filled with personality! While most fireplaces will garner some attention, what does your home’s fireplace say about you?  By adding a beautiful stone setting it is likely to become the focal point of the room. Check out the pictures below and you will certainly recognize this as being true.

Natural stone color selection is also an important factor to consider. You can decide to go with a stone setting to match the overall tone of the room, or pick a hue to contrast it. Either way, there is a natural stone profile just for you and you will love the end result. Between all of the fireplace and natural stone options, you can let you imagination run wild!

We have compiled some pictures of natural stone fireplaces projects to provide some inspiration.

Fireplace Selection

Depending on the stone selection and decor, there are numerous fireplace designs to choose from We carry a full line-up from the top fireplace manufacturers and can help you select just the right option to compliment your home. You can see some of the options by clicking HERE. You can also stop by our Omaha or Lincoln showrooms to see many of these fireplaces in person and operating to help you make your decision.

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