Adding Natural Stone Indoors

When you think of stone what comes to mind? Many people immediately think of outdoor uses such as patios and walkways. But have you considered using stone indoors for entertaining spaces such as wet bars and fireplaces? At Table Rock Company we offer a variety of stone that you can use inside your home and enjoy year round.


Preparing For Fall












Indoor fireplaces
We know summer isn’t over yet and we’re likely to have another warm spell but it’s never too early to start prepping your home for the chill of fall. A great way to do this is by installing a stone fireplace or replacing the facing on your existing fireplace with stone from Table Rock Company. From added warmth and coziness to savings on your heating bill, a custom stone fireplace is a great addition to any home.Table Rock has a wide variety of stone that is sure to complement your home’s interior. Keep in mind a fireplace will more than likely be the centerpiece of any room due to its size so be sure the color, size and style of the stone enhances the room’s decor instead of competing with it.

Entertaining spaces
Another way to add stone into your home is by creating a custom entertaining space. From beautiful bars to kitchens with custom counter-tops, a well-thought through space can add a ‘wow’ factor to your home and be functional at the same time. When creating an entertaining space, you’ll want to take into account what you will be using it for. Will it be cozy nights in the kitchen playing board games with your family or larger social gatherings with friends? Knowing the function of the space will help you determine they type of stone you want to use and the size of space you want to create. Once again, keep in mind the decor of your home and choose a stone that complements it.

Natural stone is a great way to create a custom entertaining space in your home. Give Table Rock Company a call today to upgrade your home’s interior and create a wonderful addition to you family’s living space.