Building your first home can be the greatest thing you ever do: It gives you more freedom to choose the options yourself rather than to pick a house that somebody else built right out of the box. One of the things you get to choose is the natural stone veneer when building your home. What should you choose when it comes to the best stone?

Here are some of the qualities you should take note of when choosing the best natural stone veneer for your home!


Consider the area that you will have to cover with the natural stone veneer, and measure properly before you place your order with Table Rock Company.


Some natural stone veneers will be more ornate (and often expensive) than others. Stick to the budget you’ve set before you started the project. Some stone, like granite, can easily run up costs.


Choose the overall look you are going for beforehand. Natural Stone can give a medieval look to a drab-looking house, or it can turn a house into a sleek-looking palace. What you choose is up to you!


For the exterior, choose a natural stone veneer that will be easy to clean – and that won’t be stained by wear and weather. Porous stone-veneers are more likely to absorb dirt over time. Usually, a regular spray-down is enough to clean most stone veneers.


You’ll want the best quality stone veneer for your house. Ensure that the veneer is thick and strong enough to last for a long time – and choose veneer that is free from cracks and markings.

At Table Rock Stone Company you can find a wide variety of options to meet your unique style and fulfill whatever design challenges you might be faced with. We continue to scour the planet for the best raw stone material in existence and create new collections that you won’t find anywhere else. Our expert customer care will make sure that you enjoy your experience and that you’re impressed with your final results. In fact, you’ll be able to see it because it’s “written in stone.” Contact us today!


Table Rock Stone carries samples of all our natural stone veneers. Have a look, and pay attention to the feel of the veneer when you touch it – also look at how the light catches the stone and ask yourself if this is something that could fit with your overall house’s decor.

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