Natural Stone

Natural Stone Finish

Natural Stone finish

There are many natural characteristics of stone, including type and color, but have you ever wondered why one stone type appears shiny while another has a distressed look about it?   It has everything to do with the finish!  The finish not only gives the stone a unique look […]

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Ledge Stone Defined

Ledge Stone – All Natural Stone

Ledge Stone is one of the truly classic stone styles that has withstood the test of time with only slight refinements along the way. In its most basic sense, Ledge Stone is a pattern of stonework utilizing horizontal joints. The pattern is typically made up of individually stacked pieces of […]

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Natural Stone Cleaning Recommendations

Natural Stone Cleaning Recommendations

Exterior Natural Stone Maintenance:

The large expanses of stone generally found on exterior applications may make it impractical to perform normal maintenance on a frequent basis. That said, exterior and interior installations should be given periodic overall cleaning as necessary to remove accumulated pollutants. Easily accessible stone surfaces such as fireplaces, steps, walkways, fountains, […]

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Natural Stone Countertop for Your Bathroom

When it comes to natural stone counter-tops, there are plenty of different stone surfaces appropriate for your bathroom – and each has its own pluses and minuses.
Natural Stone counter-tops in bathrooms are a natural choice. They have an organic beauty and they’re very durable because (if you’ll pardon the pun) they’re hard as a rock. […]

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Choosing Natural Stone Tile

Any natural stone tile project begins with stone tile selection. Understanding the qualities of each type of stone can help you make this decision. Personal preference is a large part of this process but, when considering budgetary concerns, remember that price is determined more by availability and supply than a particular stone’s quality or durability.

Types […]

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Worst FINANCIAL New Year’s Resolutions


Want to know one major reason why New Year’s resolutions bomb? They’re bad resolutions to begin with.

Don’t think there’s any such thing as a bad resolution? That’s simply not true. Vague goals without benchmarks or milestones built in are too easy to fudge – or simply ignore.

Instead, you need goals that are specific and measurable. […]

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Decorating For Fall – Indoors!

Adding Natural Stone Indoors
When you think of stone what comes to mind? Many people immediately think of outdoor uses such as patios and walkways. But have you considered using stone indoors for entertaining spaces such as wet bars and fireplaces? At Table Rock Company we offer a variety of stone that you can use inside your […]

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Manufactured Stone vs. Natural Stone Veneer

Do you dream about a cubic zirconia or a diamond?  Corian counter tops or granite?  Manufactured or natural stone?

The difference between them is what is real.  The surprise is that natural stone is not priced significantly more than its manufactured counterpart!

Manufactured Stone (cultured stone, man-made stone, faux stone) is concrete poured into a mold then colored […]

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Installation In Action – Riviera Rush

Have you ever had the opportunity to actually see natural stone veneer get installed?  It is definitely something everyone should get to see!

Take a look at Riviera Rush getting installed on a fireplace.

Isn’t that cool?!

Check out our YouTube page anytime for more natural stones in action.

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The New and Improved Website is Live!


We are passionate about what we do here at Table Rock Co. – from sourcing the best raw stone material in existence to creating a more friendly user experience online.  It all comes down to being able to offer you the most refined natural stone collections in existence and to showcase them online beautifully.

Spring is in the air as […]