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Natural Stone Veneer – How to Choose When Building / Remodeling a Home

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Designing and specifying a new build or the remodel of a home can be an awesome experience. It gives you the freedom to choose the options yourself rather than work around what someone else chose. One great upgrade that can offer a big visual impact is a natural stone veneer. There are so many option though. What do you need to know to make a great choice with natural stone? We are here to help!

Things to note of when choosing the best natural stone veneer for your home build or remodel.


Consider the area  you plan  to cover with the natural stone veneer. Measure properly to get an idea of cost. Learn the sizes various products come in to determine how much natural stone veneer you will need to cover the desired space.


Some natural stone veneers will be more ornate (and often expensive) than others. Try to set a budget before you get started and stick with it. Some stone, like granite, can easily run up costs.


Choose the overall desired look beforehand. Natural Stone can gives you so many options from giving a medieval look to a drab-looking house, or turning a boring house into a sleek-looking palace. What you choose is up to you!


For the exterior, you will want to choose a natural stone veneer that will be easy to clean and that is resistant to staining by wear and weather. Porous stone-veneers are more likely to absorb dirt over time. Usually, a regular spray-down is enough to clean most stone veneers. If you have questions, one of our professionals will be happy to provide guidance in this area.


You want the best quality stone veneer for your house. Like many things, there is a great deal of variance in quality. Ensure that the veneer is thick and strong enough to last for a long time and choose veneer that is free from cracks and markings.


Take advantage of sampling. Things that look great in the showroom might not give the appearance you desire when on site. Table Rock Stone carries samples of all our natural stone veneers. Have a look, and pay attention to the feel of the veneer when you touch it. Also, look at how the light catches the stone onsite and ask yourself if that was the look you were wanting.

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Hopefully this information is helpful as you are considering natural stone veneer for your home build or remodel. Table Rock Stone Company was born out of a desire to meet the demands of a discerning eye in today’s stone marketplace. Our customers have come to expect luxurious appeal and timeless quality while being fully sustainable and environmentally responsible. We have a passion for our product and it shows in our attention to detail. If you have any questions about natural stone and fireplace products we offer and that would like to discuss with one of our Table Rock professionals, contact us by calling (402) 408-1830 in Omaha or (402) 499-2634 in Lincoln. You can also email us at We look forward to serving you!