Natural Stone Fireplace Design Tips by Table Rock Company in Omaha and Lincoln, Nebraska

Natural Stone Fireplace Design Tips by Table Rock Company

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Natural Stone Fireplace Design Tips

Today we are sharing natural stone fireplace design tips to help you make a decision that you will love. When it comes to renovating your fireplace, it’s best to understand the choice you will have to make.

Our goal with this post is to make the process much, much easier for any of you embarking on a similar project.

Natural Stone Fireplace Design Tips


First you have to decide on a stone, manufactured or natural. The pro of natural stone is its beauty – there is variation in each and every stone and the end product is gorgeous.

Style & Color

There are many different styles of natural stone to choose from. Below you will see we have a variety in each category. Keep in mind you can use a combination of different stones as well.

The best way to choose the style and color of stone is to visit our showrooms. We will help you narrow down your selection of style and color of your home.


Do you want to have a mantel and, if so, what type?  If you’d like to have a mantel, it is ideally installed in conjunction with the natural stone veneer so this decision should be made along with the selection of your stone. There are several different materials that can be used to create a mantel, such as stone, painted wood, or stained wood.


How would you like your hearth to be designed?  Most of the stone veneer manufacturers carry hearthstones designed to coordinate with your chosen stone veneer. Make sure you ask to see the coordinating hearthstones and not just assume that they will look just as good as the stone veneer you chose!

Also consider how you want your hearthstones laid – you can lay them the typical way or choose to have them broken up with mortar in between the pieces.

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