Winter Natural Stone Fireplace Trends - Upgrade Home With a Natural Stone Fireplace from Table Rock Company

Winter Natural Stone and Fireplace Trends In Omaha & Lincoln Nebraska

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Winter is here. With the holidays upon us, it’s time to bring the hot cocoa, the cosy quilts and start up the fireplace! Why not make your fireplace one of the trendiest and coziest around? With these Winter natural stone and fireplace trends, you’ll be sure to hit the mark!

Winter Natural Stone and Fireplace Trends

Natural Stone

You might wonder why the natural stone is the key style feature to bring to your fireplace design. We have the answer: Heat Retention. One of the qualities of natural stone is that it absorbs, stores and radiates heat.

Country Home Design

Perfect for a country home design, a winter natural stone fireplace looks wonderful in any living room design. With so many wonderful choices to make the best out of this living area, one of the best aspects of having one is the low maintenance. Instead of spending time cleaning it, you just sit down and enjoy the warmth.

Eclectic Home Style

For an eclectic home style, a fireplace looks stunning. If you’re looking for a long-lived fireplace, this is one of the best characteristics of a natural stone fireplace. The longevity is perfect for a modern home design, perfect for a family home. It can last many lifetimes without losing their lustre!


The best one yet: Durability.  It’s extremely resistant to water damage and mould! That’s why people use natural stone in areas that take the most beating – like countertops, floors, bathrooms and fireplaces. Ideal for home interior design for someone looking for excellence.

Types of Stone

At Table Rock Company, we have 5 different collections, with hundreds of natural stones to choose from.  Table Rock Stone Veneer is naturally harvested from the earth and artfully arranged.  Even the most discerning eye will appreciate the beauty of our timeless creations.

Process of Natural Selection at Table Rock

We began looking all over the country for the most prime combination of colors, quality, and sustainability in natural stone products that we could find. We navigated almost impassable roads up mountains, forging creeks and rivers to seek out the finest our earth has to offer. We were soon reminded of a valuable lesson that when you seek, you will find and as a result we came back with outstanding natural stone profiles.

Fireplace Selection

Depending on the stone selection and decor, there are numerous fireplace designs to choose from We carry a full line-up from the top fireplace manufacturers and can help you select just the right option to compliment your home. You can see some of the options by clicking HERE. You can also stop by our Omaha or Lincoln showrooms to see many of these fireplaces in person and operating to help you make your decision.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about natural stone and fireplace products we offer and that would like to discuss with one of our Table Rock professionals, contact us by calling (402) 408-1830 in Omaha or (402) 499-2634 in Lincoln. You can also email us at We look forward to serving you!