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Natural Stone Fireplaces with Wall Mount Television Design Ideas

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We have observed that the trend of placing the flat screen television above a natural stone fireplaces is catching on like wildfire indeed! Pretty much every homeowner now wants their brand new LED placed ever so beautifully above the dreamy, modern fireplace. So, why is this design trend gaining popularity at such a rapid rate? While there are plenty of reasons, the major factor is the form of the sleek, modern TV.
With television sets now becoming ultra-light, super sleek and far more energy-efficient, designers are more comfortable placing them above the fireplace mantel. While we previously decorated the festive fireplace mantel with ornaments and photographs, it seems like modern minimalism has changed that trend. (Barring the holiday season, of course.)

Natural Stone Fireplace with Wall Mount TV Design IdeasNatural Stone Fireplaces with Wall Mount Television Design Ideas

But placing the TV above a natural stone fireplace is a choice that involves careful consideration.

Weighing the Pros and Cons

Let us start off by discussing the functionality of the idea before we take a look at aesthetics. Placing the TV above the fireplace does have its share of problems. Experts at installing home theater systems insist that if you are going for this look, it is best to give the TV niche doors of its own. An even better approach is to wall-mount it or put it on a stand that will give you the flexibility of angling it downward. This is a very important part of placing the television above a fireplace.
Taking the Magic OutdoorsThe angle ensures that you do not experience throbbing  neck pain every 5 minutes you watch the TV that high up on the wall. It also gives the best possible picture quality, as most flat-screen TVs are best viewed from a certain angle. Also, consider a narrow, rectangular fireplace that allows you to place the TV a lot lower. The heat radiation from the fireplace, the distance between the two and the wiring required for the TV need to be factored in before you make the final call.
The trick is to blend the TV into the rest of the accent wall and to ensure that both the fireplace and the TV have a few common, connecting design elements. Check the mounting equipment, wire management, power supply, angles and aesthetics before you make the final decision. A couple of bookshelves or some amazing wall art helps add to the charm of the fireplace and TV combo.
Natural Stone Fireplace with Wall Mount TV Design IdeasIf you have a lavish home with ample space and you can enjoy separate spots for both the TV and the fireplace, then that might be the better option. While the current trend is seeing many opt for the sleek fireplace and the television above it, this is a design idea best used while crafting a comfy patio that plays host to summer parties, friends and family. Since you are trying to create a beautiful pergola or a stunning gazebo next to the pool with probably just a single focal point, the TV-fireplace combo is indeed the ideal option. Since most outdoor spaces are anchored around the cozy fireplace, this also makes perfect sense.
Do review the fireplace and the chimney venting system before making the final call. You can alter the design of the mantel to change the heat flow so as to keep your TV more protected. At the end of the day, putting a television above natural stone fireplaces is a personal choice–do not be forced into it just because the wiring is already in place!

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