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Helpful Tips On Natural Stone Cleaning and Protection

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Table Rock Natural Stone - Craft Collection - Thunderstorm - Have You Considered Stone Siding Options For Your Home?We all know that the winter months can be hard on all of us here in the Midwest. What you may not realize is that it can be equally hard on the concrete, natural stone and brick surfaces outside your home. The winter weather exposes the outside surfaces to cold temperatures, freeze/thaw cycles and salt. Many of these factors can create irreversible damage. Many times, cleaning and sealing can help prevent permanent damage down the line and prolong the stone for years to come.

Exterior Natural Stone Cleaning Tips

What is the best way to clean these areas?

Power washing is the best way to clean natural stone surfaces. You should then seal the stone stone with the proper type of sealer.  Using a high quality sealer can help protect it.  Do not use harsh cleaning materials or methods that could damage the stone.  This includes metal brushes or acids for cleaning.  Use a silicone caulk sealant on any stone surfaces that have joints or cracks.

What are the benefits of cleaning your exterior exposed stone areas?

The more often your surfaces are cleaned, the easier they will be to clean in the future. Maintaining regular maintenance of your natural stone surfaces can also help protect it from the winter climate. The freezing/thawing cycles that are prevalent in winter can cause damage if not properly sealed. Joints or cracks should also be filled in to prevent waterlog. Maintaining these areas can reduce damage and can eliminate very costly repairs.

Natural Stone Building BlockNatural Stone Cleaning Fireplace Tips

A fireplace not only adds warmth to the room but also gives an instant cozy look and feel the minute it is lit up. Here are some maintenance tips to keep your fireplace safe and efficient.

    • Clean the firebox at regular intervals in order to prevent ash build-up.
    • Use only seasoned or hardwood to minimize soot build-up.
    • Avoid using water to drown the fire.
    • Wipe the exposed fireplace surfaces with a non-abrasive cleaner frequently.
    • Check the chimney cap regularly to prevent birds from nesting.
    • Check for cracks and blockages and get them fixed ahead of the season.

We hope that you find these tips were beneficial and that they can help you keep your natural stone surfaces looking as beautiful as possible.

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